Now you can order food directly from Google search results

Good news for restaurant owners and apps that provide online delivery service. Now google integrated the six food ordering applications- Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24,, BeyondMenu and in search results, so users in the U.S. can order food directly. With this move, online order just got even lazier and of-course more time saving. In the future more food delivery apps will be added, Google reported.

For instance if someone searches for a restaurant which offers online delivery using any of these apps, an option says “place an order” appears in the results. And by clicking on it will get the menu page of the particular delivery service. Users can now complete the order directly on their sites. This feature works for those, who are in search of a restaurant instead of a specific cuisine.

With this integration, both google and the delivery start-ups will be benefited. With the generated search results, these start-ups will find more traffic. With this feature, restaurant owners who are collaborating with these start-ups need to rejuvenate their digital marketing strategy and by using their individual menu link in any of the social pages say, Facebook, can generate more hits.


In this way a Facebook unique tab application can be helpful to attract customers who are presented in this social media. So, by linking their menu page in any of the tab application can make users to select from the menu right-away. This integration of Google search is now live on both mobile and web.

Facebook reveals a live-chat support feature for advertisers

Facebook recently posted that they are plans going on to introduce a new online chat support system to the business pages that advertise on its platform. As of now, there are more than 40 million active small business pages on Facebook who primarily promote their business to achieve its goals. By advertising its business in Facebook, local business owners are showing their presence in the digital media and Facebook is their primary resort. With the humongous business pages in Facebook, now the new online chat support system will be a boost to the advertisers in this social platform.

By clicking “get help” that is shown in its business resources page, advertisers can now  chat with the trained Ads specialists to get support and to get one to one answers for their queries.


Facebook in-app search feature might hit search giant, Google

As Facebook is testing its own in-app search engine which allows users to post links in their status update, enables users to stay within the app to share a link in their timeline. With this feature, users can now include a link by selecting add link option. While user types in the search term for an item, a suggestion drop down list follows with some links. Users can check the preview of the link and proceed to share in their status.

With this new feature, a user need not to go outside Facebook, choose a link he wishes to share, select the link, copy it, come back to Facebook and share it. Facebook just made this process simple by searching the link within the social platform and sharing the same. With this move, Facebook will allow uses to stay within the application.



This move will allow in app search engines to analyze the most shared links by the users and will be followed by suggested app advertisements in their timeline. Reportedly, Facebook  has seen a tremendous growth in its mobile advertising revenue in the past few years. Presumably, Facebook will plan big with its in app search engine. By keeping users to stay as long as they can with in the app will put pressure on the search engine giant, Google.  With the initiation of the beta testing, we can expect Facebook to roll this feature very soon.

Facebook introduces in-app purchases for mobile with app install ads

Facebook introduced in-app purchases on its mobile application that let you to download directly the app from the advertisement in your Facebook feed. Facebook called it, deeplinking, which helps developers and advertisers to direct users towards the information that they seek, when they open the app for the first time.

For instance, if a cloth  store app is running this mobile app install ad which features an offer on an item,  people who installs the app and open it for the first time, it will be taken directly to the information about the offer they have seen in that particular advertisement. This makes users to get what they seek after installing the app and can skip some initial searching steps between opening the app and browsing for the offer. In short, the offer is displayed as a welcome page after you have opened the service and used it for the first time.

If you find it familiar or used to install apps by checking the advertisements in the Facebook feed, then this feature is definitely for you.

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