Tips to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

As of now you might have observed that your facebook fan page count is declining and so the organic reach of the pages. The change in the Facebook news feed algorithm might be responsible for this decline. You probably guessed Facebook advertising and revenue has something to do with it. There are actually some tips to regain traffic and increase your organic reach.

By analyzing your Facebook audience you can gather valuable data and use it to raise your organic reach. With Facebook’s increasing audience, its time that we take care of Facebook’s algorithm as seriously as Google’s. Optimizing your Facebook organic reach is pretty straightforward when you really understand what are you looking for.

For an easy to understand overview of the situation, Quicksprout have come up with a nice infographic, which not only explained the problem but provided some strategies to increasing your organic Facebook reach. Check this infographic to learn some actionable tips in order to face the Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm.


Infographic by Quicksprout


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Facebook reveals a live-chat support feature for advertisers

Facebook recently posted that they are plans going on to introduce a new online chat support system to the business pages that advertise on its platform. As of now, there are more than 40 million active small business pages on Facebook who primarily promote their business to achieve its goals. By advertising its business in Facebook, local business owners are showing their presence in the digital media and Facebook is their primary resort. With the humongous business pages in Facebook, now the new online chat support system will be a boost to the advertisers in this social platform.

By clicking “get help” that is shown in its business resources page, advertisers can now  chat with the trained Ads specialists to get support and to get one to one answers for their queries.


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