7 Reasons Why a Busniess Should Have a Strong Social Media Presence

Social Media is rapidly becoming one of the most integral parts of today’s marketing mix. Businesses strive to have a strong online presence on social media, especially the Big Three (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). Holding social profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr also adds value to the brand.

According to Hubspot, 80% of marketers in 2014 claimed that their social media activities increased traffic to their websites  and According to 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Reports, 64%+ marketers saw lead generation benefits from their efforts. More than 50% of the marketers reported an increase in sale when they applied social media marketing strategies for over 3 years. These are just some of the staggering statistics that highlight the kind of influence social media has on businesses. Here we are compiling the advantages of having a strong social media presence for business.

  1. Increase Brand Visibility

A strong social media presence provides you with strong brand recognition and help you showcase your business in proper light. Social media networks provide a platform to syndicate your content and increase visibility. Through regular posts, customers tend to recognize your brand. You can use this platform to carry your brand voice and content.



  1. Build loyal community

People love to be part of a community that is thoroughly active. Previously telephonic and email customer care services used to be best option for interacting with customers. Now Social media has become the best way to communicate with customers. Through regular updates and sharing interesting content, you can pique the interests of your customers. Also, social media aids in humanizing the company. People love to work with people and not just companies. Once an emotional connection is formed, the customers see you as a credible brand, which builds trust and eventually a  loyal community to the business.  Also, the customers find it easier to associate themselves with the brand. Brand loyalty plays a vital role for the business in the long run and social media is the perfect channel to achieve it.

socialmedia_loyal community


  1. Boost Web Traffic

Social media presents the opportunity of bringing in new inbound traffic to your website. With every social media profile you create, it increases your chances of new visitors. Syndicating high quality content can also affect your traffic. You can generate organic traffic to your business website by throwing offers, special discounts in the respective social media handle and by promoting them.


  1. Improve Search Engine Rankings

Recently, search engine giant Google, have started taking your social media presence into account while ranking your website. Many brands use social media to promote the offers, special discounts and events. And eventullaly social media has become a sign of credible media to the customers in which the results are handy and communication is easy. Hence, being active in atleast two popular social media platforms has become a must to do strategy for SEO analysis.



  1. Gain Customer Insights

Social media can help you gain valuable information about your customers. By monitoring your user comments, you can know what they think about your brand. You can also monitor the kind of response every post gets and accordingly plan the association of your content. This will help you in deducing your customer preferences and topics that they prefer and helps improving your content marketing efforts.

customer insights


  1. Reduce Marketing Costs

Social media marketing is the most affordable marketing channel. Unlike traditional advertising and marketing strategies, you need not to invest much of your time and money on social media to promote your local business. Even advertisements via Facebook and other social media platforms are relatively cheaper than other marketing channels. Whether you are a small or a big business, you can always have a control over your budget and see results at the same time.


  1. Better Customer Service

Social Media provides a platform for businesses to immediately respond to customers’ queries and feedback. Through proper customer interaction, you can showcase your excellent customer service and also build a strong customer relationship.



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7 Visual Social Media strategies to improve your facebook business page

Recent reports from Microsoft has revealed that there is a quiet a deterioration in the attention span of humans. The study reportedly mentioned that the current human attention span falls to 8 seconds which is about 12 seconds 15 years ago (reported in 2000). This is reportedly mentioned in a recent  Microsoft research report.  We can relate this to social media presence, which shows that the value of a textual post in Facebook is falling down.

In Facebook, a post that has a picture in general generates 53% more likes than a normal text-based post. This suggests that visual communication has become a crucial way of marketing your business which is almost 30 times more likely to be read by a user than a plain paragraph. When it comes to social media marketing, visuals grabs more attention than a mere textual information which implies visuals worth a lot than using too much text. This is one reason, each post in Facebook now a days has an image, a link or a video attached to it. Here is a list of some strategies that will help to improve a Facebook business page.


Show, do not tell

If you are about to compose a post, it is better if you can show what you meant with picture, instead of explaining about. A picture is worth a thousand words.  Compose an image in such a way that it tells everything. It grabs much attention than a normal text-based post.

visual communication


Quality matters

Any multimedia, either it is an image or a video, maintain quality. The better the quality of an image, the more will be the visibility.



Product promotion

For your new product release, picture is the best way of promotion. It will surely get more attention.



Share your work place

Keeping your page active is the best way to get noticed. Keep on posting about the work progress  of your business with your team and get attention by showcasing your work environment.



Call to action

Conveying a message using image is simple and straight forward. Designing an image by including a call to action is the best practice to get noticed.  Add the same hashtags and links under image descriptions that are used in the design.


Brand the content

Branding an image post is one key strategy to get noticed.  In order to share a viral story and to get noticed at the same time, branding the visuals is a must. Practices such as including a business logo, embedding social media links, watermarking the image with your website link or brand name will help for better social media marketing.



Showcase Images using powerful apps

Taking the advantage of several social media applications which works with image postings such as Instagram and pintrest is one key strategy.  Including one network into another helps you  gain visibility in more than one social media network. For example, facebook allows users to create multiple tabs for its fan page. This allows owners to use several tab applications such as our Decor tab creator, in order to add their social networks like Instagram, twitter and pintrest to leverage more access from one social network alone.




An infographic that explains the importance of visual story telling is given here, source: dailyinfographic


4 Tips to boost your Content in social media with Facebook

Facebook is an immensely powerful social media tool and there is no denying the impact Facebook business pages and Facebook Ads has on expanding a business online.
Along with many other marketing strategies, Facebook acts as a lucrative platform for content marketing. Content marketing is a great way to spread awareness about your business. Combined with Facebook’s advantages and reach with effective content marketing strategy, you will be able to build an online presence, promote your business and also establish a reputation among the users. And, all this is comparatively cost-effective.
Implementing the right actions to promote content is essential to get the maximum benefit out of Facebook. This article explains about the tips you can follow to boost your content on Facebook.

1. Build the right audience

Everything you post on your page will be viewed by your audience. This includes the users who have liked your page and those who follow you. It is important to build an audience who are interested in what you have to say. They must be eager to read what you are posting. The number of likes matter to an extent but what matters most is the number of quality followers you have. If you don’t have people interested in your services, then no matter how good your post is, it will not be read.

2. Include images and videos

It is best to include images and videos on your page. They usually create more interest than just plain text. Also, these media files have more engagement thereby increasing your reach.
You can include strong call to action in your description and place links directing to your website.

3. Posting Off-Facebook Content

Off-Facebook content includes those content which has been posted elsewhere, say, blogs. Blogs are the most effective way to promote your business. Here is where you can offer valuable advice and interesting facts to your users. Blogging increases traffic and thereby improves your SEO ranking. By posting relevant blogs on your Facebook page, you showcase it to a larger audience.
Include a short description while posting your blogs. Keep it personal and engaging. Asking questions and including smileys in the description is a great way to make a personal approach to your users.

4. Create content according to your audience

Your audience will read the content only if they find it informative and interesting. Use Facebook’s Audience Insights to understand your audience better. Demographic details such as age, gender and location, along with information such their interests and income can be extremely helpful to finalize the content topics.
Facebook’s Page Insight allows you to see how your posts have performed. You will also be able to check when your users come online.
Using this information, you can post the right kind of content at the right time.

The Benefits of having a Facebook business page

With more than 1.9 billion users (and counting) around the world, Facebook has made quite an impact on how social networking works. From the day Facebook  introduced fan pages, it is been quite a common thing to have a fan page of an artist, a spokesperson, a celebrity, a group, a local business or an organization. As said above with more than 1.9 billion users, that kind of exposure will not come easy for free. It is a common practice for an organization to have its own official Facebook page that helps to spread the world about the work and create new opportunities that will eventually increase the sales and helps to get new leads. There are a lot of benefits of having a Facebook fan page and are listed as follows:

It is absolutely free  

Facebook  allows businesses to create their Facebook  page for free. It allows a business to categorize, embed personal information and create an interactive space with the audience to engage with your business. As Facebook  has changed the way of promoting business in the digital world, all you need to do is target the right audience and market your business. With over 1.9 billion people available in a single platform, there is a scope to get the business right by using it in a right way.

Unlimited Likes

A Facebook  fanpage can have unlimited likes for free, unlike a Facebook  profile, which has a friend limit of 5000.This will help you to market your business portfolio digitally and target some specific audience . The more you know your target audience the easier it will be for you to target your content and get immediate results.  Facebook insights tool will provide you to know the gender, age, demographics and location of your target audience group which will make your work easy on targeting specific group of audience to get more likes. In addition to this, a beautiful landing pages with more content interaction helps to engage your page to these selected groups.


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Facebook  pages offer analytics and like widgets

Facebook is constantly evolving in terms of optimization, performance, features and tools.  Facebook took page administration to the next level with its simple and useful tools. Administering a Facebook page is very easy. It allows page owners to track the page likes, the post reach and the engagement of audience with the page. It allows admin to compare the page average performance over time by showing the results with interactive graphs.


Moreover, Facebook user analytics and widgets are two powerful tools to get more from a fan page. The widgets provided by Facebook such as like buttons, like box, recommended button etc., will help you to include the Facebook page plugin into your own website or blog which will eventually help to get more likes for the page. The analytics data is  really useful to get to know the characteristics of your potential audience base.

Search Engine Optimization

Having a  Facebook  page allows you to get better search engine rankings that eventually increase your visibility. As SEO is a key aspect for business advertising, all the links, posts and digital content are indexed by the search engines that helps to improve your search engine rankings.

Virtual word of mouth

According to Facebook , an average user has 130 connections. So, if a user likes your page, it will show up in the news feed of his/her friends, which will provide a vast exposure in this platform. As word of mouth is the great asset for advertising, these interactions between your audience and their friends newsfeed provides an essential endorsement.

A Facebook  user spends almost an hour per day

In an average a Facebook  user spends nearly 55 minutes per day and that is one among many advantages of promoting your business using a Facebook  page. With the help of comments or posts, there is a lot of scope to interact with the customer and get to know the feedback directly. For a small business, being well connected to other networks is especially important and Facebook allows to have live conversations with your customers.

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